We here at Baggy Boys Ltd live and breath 90's retro fashion. We have our own collection of items at the HQ with most items coming from brands such as Iceberg, United Colour of Benetton and Polo Sport.



From this we have created a short body of work to go with our collection. This was shot by my good friend Jack Joyce who is a very highly skilled photographer who has won a couple awards for the work he has done throughout his career, feel free to go view jacks work on his website (www.jackcurtisjoyce.com) or on his instagrams (@jack_joyce or @jackcurtisjoyce).  

 The models we used for this were two good friends of mine, Zuzia Meller (right) Harry Pickett (middle of top photo) and Emilia Jones (left) both have a enthusiastic vibes about fashion.

Mill Jones, shot by Jack Joyce

Zuzia Meller shot by Jack Joyce

Pickett & Mill (Picket fell over a few days before and bust his lip, allow him) shot by Jack Joyce

Yours truly, Zuz and Pickett shot by Jack Joyce