Archie Cunningham Baggy Boys Fashion Marketing Executive

A New Chapter for Baggy Boys 2024

Written by: Archie Cunnigham



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With a new addition to the team, Archie Cunningham, our fashion marketing executive, we're trying new ways to connect with our supporters.

Blogs isn’t something Baggy Boys has tapped into in the past, but why not!

We’re hoping this channel will allow us to express a more personal perspective as well as sharing insights past just sales, such as how Baggy Boys started back in the day in Doms Dads garage—we've come a long way, and we’re not stopping there!

We'll be discussing various topics in the fashion industry and sharing our standpoints from an independent business’ point of view, as well as including our valued customers thoughts and opinions on—well, whatever hot topic you guys want to talk about!

The focus here is to connect and engage with our supporters at a more organic level.

About Baggy Boys

Due to the nature of today’s high street and the significant shift to online shopping, in hand, a decrease in organic customer connection. Big brands and corporations tend to be very profit focused and saturate the market with fast fashion trends, lower quality products, drowning out smaller independent competitors like Baggy Boys.

Although, that's the difference between us and them (and that we have a fresh take on style, swerving the mass trends) our focus is on high quality, sustainable vintage clothing, and our emphasis is on providing that personal and organic experience, ensuring everyone of you feel appreciated and understood.

Dominic Lloyd Baggy Boys Founder


A new chapter begins for Baggy Boys, and we’re putting more focus on truly connecting with you, and valuing and understanding every individual’s wants and needs. As we're not just a business, we're a community of people with a love for fashion. We don’t just sell, we connect!

Hit us up with your thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes to the biggest fashion icks and things you want to see more of 👀


Stay tuned for the ride 📻